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Services - Residential Interior & Exterior


At Irishhand Painting, we treat every home as if it is our own. Smaller residential, or large custom homes, the same amount of planning, preparation and finishing are the keys to successful painting project.


Before we begin, we cover all flooring as needed, remove furniture or cover as required to ensure your house or premise are not damaged.

Prep Work:

  • Removal of all debris from woodwork
  • Repair all drywall defects, fill all nail holes.
  • Caulk all door casings, window trims and baseboards.
  • Sand and prime all woodwork as required by existing conditions.
  • Remove wallpaper ( if applicable)
  • Commence full clean up after every work day.

Interior Finishes:

  • Apply two coats of high quality interior paint to all surfaces.
  • i.e.: Ceilings, Walls, Woodwork

Wall covering Installations & Faux Finishes


Exterior Painting


On all Exterior Painting, planning and preparation is always the most important step.
We Protect all walkways, vegetation and driveways from any paint drips or overspray.
Taking the necessary time to do the right preparation will guarantee and ensure a clean, sound adhesion for paints and stains.



  • Cleaning and removal of all dirt, grime and mildews.
  • Removal of all loose paints and old caulking.
  • Sand all required areas.
  • Repair any wood with an exterior wood fuller and apply the correct exterior primers.
  • Apply two coats of quality exterior paint.
  • Complete daily clean up to ensure safety.


At Irishhand we know the importance of your home to you.
Whether its interior or exterior painting, our workmanship and attention to detail will always show through.

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Residential Interior Painting