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Services - Industrial Painting Services


As a painting company we recognize the unique needs of industrial painting. We assist industrial property managers and owners in developing a long term preventative maintenance program.


We also understand that these painting projects are a substantial investment for the owner. We provide quality service at competitive prices in order to maximize the returns on overall investments. We strive to balance the needs, priorities and budgets of are clients while ensuring and maintaining the quality services promised.


Having a productive working facility is necessary these days, A bright and clean work space is critical for workers, owners, and maintenance personnel. By having the ceilings repainted bright white you will increase the illumination of the work space, the ceiling becomes a large reflector of light which is safer for workers and maintenance personnel, a dark unpainted ceiling offers no light reflection value.

Fluted deck or corrugated steel ceilings are always spray painted, they can vary from dryfall paints that are made with solvents or waterborne that allow the overspray to dry before it makes contact with the ground for an easier clean up.

We will take all the necessary precautions to keep your equipment and investments free from dust and paint contamination.


Next to having the ceilings repainted the best way to improve the interior or exterior
of your facility is having the walls repainted, this also increases the amount of light
being reflected in the interior work environment.


The most commonly used product would have to be Gloss or semi-Gloss white paints available in standard alkyds and latex or acrylic paints.

Epoxy coatings are also available for surfaces that are more difficult due to dirt, residue or corrosion.


To ensure proper adhesion, the correct preparation of the substrate, conditions and use of the walls is important and using the appropriate primers will ensure the paint coating adheres to the substrate.


Planned maintenance painting will ensure that the properties remain attractive and most importantly retain their value.


At Irishhand Painting we are familiar with the requirements of the Painting Industry, all capable personnel are knowledgeable about the current products and the applications.

A large selection of environmentally safe premium paints with zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are available now on the market It seems most of our clients are choosing to Go Green when they perceive equal value and product efficiency to traditional paints.

These new paints are virtually odourless. This makes them the ideal choice for any commercial, industrial project.


We will accommodate your special scheduling requirements; weekends and night schedules are available.

If you have any questions or concerns about painting your warehouse or industrial building contact us today.


Industrial Painting


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